Frogs, Hogs, Weirdos & What-nots: An Unauthorised Guide to the Muppets

Miwk Publishing – Forthcoming

I love the Muppets with all of my heart and they have been with me all of my life, so if you’re looking for an objective look at their oeuvre I have to be completely honest and suggest you look elsewhere. This book is an ongoing labour of love that I can only hope does justice to the prodigious output of Jim Henson’s creations. Originally planned for publication in March, 2012, this epic tome has been postponed in order to take advantage of some exciting new opportunities

Marx and Re-Marx: Creating and Recreating the Lost Marx Brothers Radio Series

BearManor Media– 2011

I wrote this book by accident. No, really! To begin with, I was simply curious about a BBC radio series that had successfully recreated a lost Marx Brothers sitcom produced around the same time they set to work on their classic feature film Duck Soup. Getting in touch with one person involved in the production of Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel led to me being put in touch with another, and another, and another… Some months later, a book happened.

CLICK to buy and for more information.


The Big Issue #986, February 2012

After hearing about my forthcoming book on the Muppets, an editor from The Big Issue asked me to write an article based upon the link between Jim Henson’s creations and economic down-turns! I did my best, and you can read it HERE.

Tachyon TV, 2011-2012

Since 2011, I have written a series of articles and produced a series of short videos for the Cult Television Review site Tachyon TV. Some of my favourite pieces include a review of William Shatner’s Seeking Major Tom, an appreciation of the children’s series Eerie Indiana and a dissection of the cult children’s show, Tugs. All of my Tachyon contributions can be found by following this LINK.

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